Wello Purchased By Weight Watchers: What Will Happen Now?

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I’m a big fan of the concept of Wello — a website that allows you to workout with a personal trainer via two-way video from anywhere in the world. I’ve done a few session on Wello in the past and really enjoyed the convenience. The sessions are affordable and you can choose from a variety of trainers. However, with all the free apps and free fitness videos on YouTube, FitTV and many other channels, paying for a virtual session seems unnecessary. The plus of Wello is that you get a customized session with a real trainer who goes at your pace and chat with a real person about your fitness goals.

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In May of this year Wello was acquired by Weight Watchers. This will help Weight Watchers move into the 21st century and increase its digital offerings, which is important considering its in-person meetings have been declining in membership, according to the company’s CEO in a quarterly conference call.

Wello would be a great service for someone starting a fitness routine, or getting back into one after awhile, since pre-paying and scheduling a session will add some accountability to a workout schedule. With an app or video, there’s no one waiting on you and taking time out of their schedule, but with Wello you meet with a real person via video. No word on whether or not the look of Wello will change with this acquisition.

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The question is, will Weight Watcher’s clientele be open to video cam workouts. Perhaps this will attract a new, digital savvy crowd to Weight Watchers?

Have you ever tried Wello? What do you think? 






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