The KOR is a seriously cool bottle. I tested the KOR Delta 500 ml bottle. It opens at the push of a button, which is pretty neat. You can take a big gulp of water with the KOR since the drinking spout is like a canteen. This advanced water bottle also offers some inspiration — you can place a “stone” (a paper token) with a motivational saying on the top of the bottle (there’s a place to put it) and you’ll see the inspiring words every time you open the bottle. Buy four for $2 or create your own stones on the website. The KOR can be carried by the top of the bottle by its sturdy plastic handle. KOR also donates at least 1% of its sales to water-related causes through its Thirst for Giving program. The bottle is BPA-free. The color I have it in, and in the photos, is Orchid Pink. The KOR Delta retails for $19.95.

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