5 Awesome Water Bottles For Hitting The Gym, Outdoor Activities

The Polar Ergo Leaves water bottle opens in an easy and unique way. Just twist the top all the way to close it and twist just about half way back to open it wide enough to drink from. The water doesn’t spill out. The only issue I had with this bottle is not realizing how much I opened it and spilling water on myself. Not a huge deal when I’m in workout clothes and sweaty, and this happened only a couple times. I also like the looped elastic handle by which you can carry it. The Polar bottle is insulated so your beverage stays cool. Between the insulation and easy-to-carry factors, this is a bottle I’d bring with me just walking around the city or going to the gym. Free of BPA and Phthalate. Retails for $18.99. Polar Ergo Waterbottle – 22oz Leaves

The other Polar bottle is a traditional-type water bottle called the Blue Big Bear 24 ounce water bottle. Again, this one is insulted — a great feature to have if you do any sort of outdoor activity and want to bring a reusable bottle. Two walls of plastic keeps your water cool twice as long as traditional bottles, Polar says, and I agree. The drink spout on top gives you a controlled amount of water, which is great for drinking while you’re running or walking without spilling it all over yourself. It’s on the taller side of bottles at 10.5 inches, but it fits perfectly in most bike water bottle cages. The bottle is free of BPA and Phthalate. The Blue Big Bear retails for $11.99. WATER BOTTLE POLAR 24oz BIG BEAR BLUE [Misc.]

The Bobble looks unlike any of the other bottles I tested. I tested is the Bobble Sport, a 24 ounce bottle in a transparent yellow color, which looks very sleek. The Bobble Sport comes in a seven colors and is shaped so it fits comfortably in your grip. I went running with it and also took it to the gym a few times. I love that the Bobble has a built-in carbon filter. You can fill it up anywhere — the kitchen tap, a drinking fountain, etc. and it’s purified before it hits you lips. The Bobble is very easy to carry, too. The loop by which to carry it won’t hurt your fingers because it’s quite big. Bobble is free of  BPA, Phthalates and PVC. The Bobble Sport retails for $9.99. Water Bobble Sport Filtered Water Bottle, 24-Ounce, Green

The KOR is a seriously cool bottle. I tested the KOR Delta 500 ml bottle. It opens at the push of a button, which is pretty neat. You can take a big gulp of water with the KOR since the drinking spout is like a canteen. This advanced water bottle also offers some inspiration — you can place a “stone” (a paper token) with a motivational saying on the top of the bottle (there’s a place to put it) and you’ll see the inspiring words every time you open the bottle. Buy four for $2 or create your own stones on the website. The KOR can be carried by the top of the bottle by its sturdy plastic handle. KOR also donates at least 1% of its sales to water-related causes through its Thirst for Giving program. The bottle is BPA-free. The color I have it in, and in the photos, is Orchid Pink. The KOR Delta retails for $19.95. KOR Water Delta BPA Free Water Bottle, Lavender, 500ml

The Contigo AUTOSEAL Kangaroo is great for when you’re planning on working up a voracious thirst. The bottle holds 24 ounces of liquid. It’s not super lightweight, so I wouldn’t go jogging with it, but I will take this to spinning class or any other gym class when you sweat like a MoFo. You’ll love that this bottle has a space to put your I.D,. gym card and keys, so you don’t need to take a purse to the gym. If you want to take it in the great outdoors, say a hike, the bottle has a carabiner clip so it can be attached to a backpack. It’s also dirt resistant and BPA-free. Just press the “push” button to take a swig from the bottle and when you let go of it, the opening to drink will close. This ensures no spillage of the water. The transparent bottle has markings on the side to help to measure how much water you’ve had and how much is left. The Contigo is BPA-free and retails for $12.99. Contigo AUTOSEAL Kangaroo Water Bottle with Storage Compartment, 24-Ounce, Blue

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