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Did you know the average person sits for more than nine hours each day? It’s often said that the key to longevity is being active and not sitting for long periods at a time. But getting physical activity can be especially difficult when you sit at a desk all day. Austin-based startup FitChimp has a solution to for those of us who are desk-bound: mini workouts throughout the day.

FitChimp’s software program lets users create 2-5 minute customized workout routines that can be done in the office. Since the workout routines are so short, they recommended you do three per day. These super short workouts are not disruptive to your day (no post-workout shower needed), and allow you to get your heart rate up and blood flowing throughout the day, which helps reduce stress and increases alertness (maybe you can make that afternoon coffee a tall instead of a grande!).

For employers, keeping employees healthy benefits the bottom line, which is why FitChimp offers its software program to companies, rather than individuals. I could see FitChimp being added to the list of benefits, especially for smaller start-ups that seem to offer all sorts of cool perks.

You might be wondering why you can’t just do a short workout video on YouTube, or use one of the gazillion free workout apps — this crossed my mind, too. By selling the software to companies, all employees will have access to the same program, making it not so strange to see your cube mates doing jumping jacks. This could motivate other employees to jump in and create workout groups. FitChimp also lets employers set-up fitness challenges, which has the added benefit of creating more camaraderie in the office.

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