The Next Generation of Wearable Gadgets: Smartwatches

10289750076_98b74fa396_z Everyone knows someone who is practically attached to their smartphone. With smartwatches, they can actually make that a reality.

Smartwatches will allow you to access the best of your smartphone on your wrist — email, messages, Internet and even apps.

There’s the Pebble Smartwatch which some say started the smartwatch frenzy. It’s modern and sleek looking but compared to the much talked about Apple iWatch, or the Samsung Smartwatch, it seems very first generation when comparing the amount of features (or in the case of the iWatch, speculative features).

The latest smartwatch we’re hearing about is Samsung’s Smartwatch. The watch connects with your phone — as of launch that’ll only be the Note 3 but hopefully more Android phones will be able to connect in the future. Samsung’s Smartwatch also offers three apps that let you track various health, fitness and diet metrics.

There’s been some debate around whether smartwatches will replace fitness gadgets. Gadgets from Fitbit, BodyMedia, Nike FuelBand and many others track things like steps, distance and calories while you wear them on your waistband, hooked into your pocket or in the center of your bra. These metrics sync to the companies’ respective apps.

I think there’s room for all of these gadgets. Each gadget offers something different — some sync with an awesome ecosystem of other apps, some stand-out because they measure specific metrics like the pressure you place on your feet while running, and others offer an easy user experience. Add in smartwatches and they’ll simply add another connectivity element to workouts. Although we’ll have to see how well smartwatches partner with fitness gadget companies — or have proprietary fitness tracking technology built-in. If you can see everything on the smartwatch that you would see on the gadget, then it would make sense to leave the gadget at home if you’re going on a run or to the gym. If that’s the case, smartwatches could take over fitness gadgets if they offer enough features.

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