Multi-Sport Helmet Communicator Device Lets You Chat, Listen to Music


You don’t have to be a Navy SEAL to make use of this totally cool new helmet communicator device from UCLEAR.

The UCLEAR device is basically a headset that attaches to helmets. It allows users to listen and control music through their smartphone, make phone calls and communicate with other UCLEAR wearer’s via Bluetooth.

You can see the communicator on the side of this helmet (below). It’s pretty lightweight at 36 grams.


Once you sync your smartphone to the communicator and you can control your phone with your voice or several buttons on the device. Wearers in images on UCLEAR’s website and also in the company’s demo video are shown skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and riding motorcycles.

Say for example 10 snowboarders all had the communicator, then they could all chat and also warn each other of upcoming dangers on the trail.

There are actually four new communicator devices that utilize the same technology but what separates them is that they’re made for various helmets, depending on the type of activity you want to do.

UCLEAR was made by borrowing military technology from helmets worn by soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. In UCLEAR’s demo video, the man wearing the helmet softly sings “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” while being blasted in the face with a leaf blower. It seems he can still hear himself talk, and hopefully that means he could also hear a person he might being communicate with using the helmet communicator. UCLEAR’s “Interference Cancellation Filters reduce wind noise effective up to tested speeds of 238 mph,” the company writes, which makes this a great tool for sports and activities where you’re moving fast.

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Here is how the company describes their latest products:

UCLEAR HBC200 Force is designed for motorcycle and ATV riders, both on and off road. The HBC200 Force model features embedded microphones which eliminate the need for an obtrusive boom mic, allowing users to make phone calls, listen to and control music, and intercom with other riders via Bluetooth. The Multi-Hop Technology allows each unit to work as a repeater, providing up to 0.4 miles between UCLEAR units and enabling the network and communication range to grow as additional users join. UCLEAR’s Super Group Technology connects an unlimited number of users for full duplex intercom communication. The rugged weather-resistant design ensures performance under the most extreme weather conditions. Each unit retails for $249.99 for a single pack or $449.99 for a dual pack.

UCLEAR HBC220 Snow is the communication system designed for snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and mountaineering. With Multi-Hop Technology and Super Group Technology, the HBC220 Snow helmet communicator’s ruggedized weather-resistant design ensures optimal performance in extreme conditions. HBC220 Snow includes attachments that integrate easily with virtually all ski goggles and snow helmets. Each unit retails for $249 for a single pack or $449.99 for a dual pack.

UCLEAR HBC230 Bike is designed with cyclists in mind. The Bluetooth communicator features the same features as the HBC200 Force and HBC220 Snow models such as the Multi-Hop and Super Group Technology, but has a unique design and includes earbuds and accessories attachments that are specific to cycling helmets. Each Unit retails for $249.99 for a single pack or $449.99 for a dual pack.

UCLEAR HBC100 Plus is the model intended for recreational outdoor athletes. The HBC100 Plus allows users to make and receive phone calls, listen to music, and intercom with other users via Bluetooth. The enhanced intercom model allows users to connect up to 0.3 miles between each UCLEAR unit. Extreme noise cancellation properties isolate users’ voices, and suppress wind and environmental noise. Each unit retails for $199.99 for a single pack or $369.99 for a dual pack.

UCLEAR helmet communicators can be purchased at, REI,,, Cycle Gear, and local power sports dealers.

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