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Last July, the MapMyFitness suite of apps offered a free trial upgrade to MVP status and I jumped on that offer. After the first free month, I decided to stick with MVP status, which costs about $6 per month and is ad-free. With MVP you can also live track your workouts and share your progress with friends on social media, and access the coaching feature.

Sometimes I will upgrade an app just to get it ad-free, but $6 per month isn’t worth that alone. I never used the live-tracking feature because it just seemed like unnecessary over sharing. I would consider using it for a big race, though to get motivation from my friends.

No matter which “MapMy…” app you download, you can select from any of the activities the other apps track: hiking, running, walking, cross country, mountain bike, treadmill, stairs, walk, trail run, road cycling, dog walk, group run and more.

What I did like about MVP status on the app is the mobile coaching feature. You can set this so a voice alerts you when you’re approaching milestones in your run, hike or walk. You can select from a number of goals, like how fast you want to run a mile or how far you want to run. Then you can choose how often you want the coach to update you on your progress — every 15 seconds up to every five minutes. So if you want to run a 10 minute mile, select that option and select how often you want to be updated about your progress. A voice will alert you when you’re running too fast or too slow.

I also really like the Route Genius feature. You can find a route to run or hike near your current location and bookmark it for later. On the desktop site there’s a plan-your-own-route option so you can create new runs or hikes and check the mileage of those routes before leaving your home. You can send those routes to your smartphone.


Have you tried the MVP version of any of the “MapMy…” apps? What feature did you find most useful? 


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