MapMyFitness Suite of Apps Offering FREE Upgrade to MVP Status


The company that makes the many “MapMy..” apps is offering one month of free MVP service, it announced on Monday. The offer is available through Wednesday.

An email sent on Monday offers an upgrade to MVP service (typically about $6 per month) by using the code TRYMVP at checkout through the website. The MVP version of the apps is ad-free and gives you a bunch of extra features (see below).

MapMyFitness’ portfolio of free apps include MapMyRun, MapMyHike, MapMyWalk, MapMyRide and of course the MapMyFitness app. The promotion extends to all of the “MapMy…” apps.

Launch one of the apps before a run, bike ride or walk to track your distance and route. You can also keep track of past workouts and compare your results with friends. Each app has a website where all your information is stored on the cloud. Whether you use one app or all of them, you can access all of your “MapMy” data from any of the websites.

MVP service comes with:

Route Genuis — Type in the distance and type of workout you want to do, including mileage, etc., and it will auto-populate a route for you. Great for exploring new areas of your city or when you’re in a new city.

Live Tracking — This feature lets friends track you in real time while you’re working out — perhaps offering some motivation and incentive to keep running.

Mobile Coaching  and Interval Training — This feature allows you to activate voice feedback for customized training. There are two types of training this offers — interval training and goal training. Train by inputting an amount of time for warm-up, active phase, etc. or train for a goal by entering the pace you want to move at, distance, calories, heart rate, speed or duration. The coaching feature is only available for the iPhone app.

If you decide you like MVP, you can pay for one year of service for $29.99. Or you can sign-up for one year of MVP service and receive a heart rate monitor that syncs with your app for $49.99.  Just click “upgrade to MVP” on this page to see those offers.

You’ll need to enter your credit card information. Just remember if you don’t like it, you’ll need to unsubscribe before 30 days otherwise you’ll pay the monthly fee, a measly $6, but still. And if you like it, which you very well may, $6 isn’t much to shell-out for all the extra features it comes with.

I upgraded to MVP  (I use the MapMyHike app) and I’ll be writing a review of it in about a month.

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