Lumafit Thought of Everything With Its Fitness Tracker

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A new wearable fitness device called Lumafit tracks everything you’d want a fitness gadget to monitor and more! From tracking workouts and calories to monitoring your form while doing lunges to measuring your breathing during yoga — the question is, will it work?

If the Lumafit works, it should be able to track the type of activity you’re doing (rowing machine, outdoor run, stairs, etc.) and also monitor your form. The latter seems nearly impossible without wearing sensors all over your body, but it is intriguing especially since that’s one area consumer gadgets haven’t seemed to master.

The Lumafit device is made by the company of the same name, based in Ireland. A Kickstarter campaign for the device aims to raise $60,000 to put the Lumafit into mass production. With 23 days left to go before the Kickstarter funding window closes, the team only has less than $12,000 more to raise (a reachable goal in that amount of time.)

The Lumafit is worn around the ear similar to headphones that wrap around the ear. Unlike wristbands, you only wear the Lumafit when you’re working out.

The tracker is equipped with optical light sensors to measure heart activity and an accelerometer to track head motion (this is how it measures form). Wearing the gadget on your head rather than the wrist (like so many other trackers), says the company, will more accurately monitor your movement and form since your head moves more closely with your core that your wrist.


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Lumafit will sync with two of my favorite fitness-tracking apps: MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal. The company is also working on its own apps to work with the gadget:

  • Gym Tracker:    Track your gym sessions with precision!
  • Home Fitness:  Interactive Bootcamp sessions: Burn 200 calories in 20 minutes anytime.
  • Yoga Breathing: Supercharge your mind with a 10-minute interactive mindful breathing session.

I’ve said this before but my feeling regarding fitness gadgets is that anyone who is trying to get more fit, lose weight, get into shape or pursue a fitness goal should have one. The gadget is a constant reminder of your goals and help keep you accountable. Which one should you buy? That’s tough to say since that depends on which features you use the most and of course, which gadget provides you with the best user experience. I prefer a gadget and/or app that is accurate above all (who doesn’t?). I want to know if I ran 2.2 or 2.58 miles. A gadget that would monitor my form sounds too good to be true, but if it works it would be like having a personal trainer in my pocket, or in the case of Lumafit, on my head.

Right now you can buy one for $79 plus $10 shipping on Kickstarter. If the Lumafit gets funded, you’ll get your device sometime in late 2014 (they would start shipping to Kickstarter supporters in October).

Do the features of the Lumafit sound enticing to you? 

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