Hula Hooping for Adults Will Whittle Your Waist

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Relive your childhood summers with this fun hula hoop workout! Hoopnotica is a new online company offering hula hoops for adults. While it feels like play, hula hooping burns roughly 420 calories per hour, according to the American Council on Exercise.

You can buy a toy hula hoop anywhere but those are made for children. Hoopnotica says if you’ve picked up a child’s hoop and tried to use it, it’s likely the hoop dropped right away. It’s not you — you didn’t lose your hula hooping abilities — it’s just that a toy hoop is made for a child’s body. If you purchase a hula hoop made for adults you’ll be able to hula just like you did as a kid, and turn this fun activity into a great toning workout.

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Hoopnotica sells tons of colorful hoops that you can customize to your fitness level. So, if you’re a beginner hooper you’ll want to choose a smaller hoop that’s weight suited for your level.

“A 40 to 44-inch diameter hoop weighing about 1-and-a-half to 2 lbs is the perfect hoop to begin with, whether you are hooping for fitness, flow, or fun,” Hoopnotica advises. “If you are a beginning hooper, and are at least 4’11” you will be fine to start with a hoop that is at least 40” in diameter. If you’re shopping in a retail store, choose a hoop that is roughly the same height as your belly-button.”

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Hoopnotica also gives you the option to order workout DVDs to go along with the hoops for $16 for one or $45 for a set. The DVDs show you how to utilize the hoops to work your entire body. Check out this 10-minute fullw body workout.

I love the idea of adding hula hooping to my daily routine. Personally, I would opt to do this for 10-15 minutes or so while watching TV or when taking a short break from my computer.

Have you ever used a hula hoop in your workout routine? Did you feel it the next day? 


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Bottom image via Flickr user Vicki & Chuck Rogers. Top and feature images courtesy of Hoopnotica. 

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