How to Use Avocado Oil

Avocado OilAvocado oil is one of the healthiest oils you can use in your food. It is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, which are all involved in cell regeneration, plus contain anti-inflammatory properties.

I typically avoid heating oils, except for coconut oil, which has a high smoking point. The smoking point is the temperature at which the oil produces smoke. At that point the oil composition begins to change and starts transforming from a healthy ingredient to a potentially cancer-causing one. The healthiest type of olive oil — cold pressed extra virgin olive oil — has a low smoking point, meaning it doesn’t take a lot of heat to make it carcinogenic. I only use olive oil on salads. Avocado oil does have a high smoking point, meaning it’s fine to heat at most temperatures. But I prefer using avocado oil for delicious summertime gazpacho and mixing into salad dressings. I’m also obsessed with all kinds of oils for beauty treatments — coconut oil, argan oil, agave oil, and now avocado oil.

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