The Major Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

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Slow down the aging process simply by drinking your 8 cups of water per day, just make sure it’s alkaline. Alkaline refers to the pH of the water. A pH of 1 is extremely acidic, while a pH of 9 is alkaline. The ideal alkalinity is 8-9.

Alkaline water is in every grocery store now. But what exactly does alkaline water do for the body?

A 3-year study on 150 mice revealed that drinking alkaline water provided higher longevity. While the study isn’t conclusive, it did say alkaline water decelerate the aging process and increased the survival functions when compared to the control group. “Namely, animals belonging to the population treated with alkaline water resulted in a longer lifespan,” it reads. Guzzling a bottle of alkaline Bringing up the pH of your drinking water can help reduce acidosis, acid reflux, and according to one study, slow down the aging process.

Alkaline water can also aid in weight loss and help reduce acidosis and acid reflux. The body can get acidic if a person consumes too much alcohol, caffeine, meat or dairy, which is easy to do. Diets rich in leafy greens, fruits, and legumes prevent the body from getting too acidic and help keep your system balanced.

Research published in the Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology in 2012 found that alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 soothed acid reflux because the high pH level “inactivated” pepsin, which is responsible for the mechanism of reflux. In addition, drinking alkaline water can improve the pH of an acidic body.

There are numerous devices at various price-points that claim to alkalize your water. You’ll also need pH testing strips so you can test your water’s pH before and after using the alkalizing device.

The most economical solution is to purchase pH drops. You can add this to water on-the-go, like, if you fill-up your reusable bottle with tap water. Baking soda also alkalizes water, however, this method is not advisable if you’re on a low salt diet. I’m a fan of the alkaline pitcher.

I’m a fan of the alkaline pitcher and I’m also digging Essentia water.

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