How To Know When You’re Pushing Yourself Too Hard at the Gym

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Is there such a thing as a too-intense workout when you’re trying to take your fitness to the next level? Yes.

Fitness expert Jill Brown says there are three ways to tell if your workout is too hard.

Number 1 — If you’re gaining weight after your workouts, you might be pushing yourself too hard. If your workouts are so taxing that you find yourself eating too much, it might be a good idea to take it down a notch.

Number 2 — If your sleep pattern get disrupted. If you’re trying to diminish your symptoms of stress by going to the gym, but you’re feeling more physically and emotionally stressed, that might be a sign to lower the intensity of your workouts. Working out should relieve stress, so if you’re feeling agitated, your workouts might be too hard.

Number 3 — You’re getting injured. If you injure yourself while exercising you’re pushing it too hard. Brown recommends working with a trainer who has experience training people with injuries, so you can get fit without harming your body.

“When you workout hard, you’re putting more stress on your body,” she explains. “Just like if you get a flu shot that’s too strong, it can make you sick — so can getting too much of a good thing in the gym.”

Have you ever worked out too hard and experienced one or more of these symptoms?

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