A Free Pop-Up Gym Might Be Coming To SF

Basic Training SF Imagine an indoor gym that you access more like a public park where anyone can enjoy its amenities for free.

The founder and lead trainer of a San Francisco-based bootcamp, Jenn Pattee, wants to create a free space in the Hayes Valley PROXY of San Francisco where anyone can workout for free.

An Indiegogo campaign for the free gym space launched earlier this month. They’ll need to raise $40,000 to build the fitness hub in Hayes Valley PROXY. PROXY is a space where pop-up shops like restaurants open in shipping containers. The gym will be set-up so that it can be attached to a shipping container, but it will be removable so it is mobile and could attach to any shipping container in the future. The space the group will occupy in PROXY will accommodate about 50-75 people. Additional pieces will be installed throughout PROXY, known as “urban furniture,” but it will be meant for fitness — all incoming structures will be fitness-focused in their design to promote the idea of community fitness.

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom supports the cause, and so does Mike Maser, CEO and founder of FitStar.

My only concern would be safety of such a facility. Right now, there is no security but a spokesperson for the project tells me so far at PROXY security hasn’t been an issue. I guess I’d look at it this way: Treat the PROXY gym like you would a public park. If you go late at night, go with a friend.

It’ll be interesting to see what a pop-up gym can look like if this project gets funded. Perhaps other cities will start similar projects to encourage free community fitness activities. That would certainly be useful in low income populations who perhaps can’t afford gym memberships, or in college towns where budgets are tight. The free gym could be a great place to gather with friends and other community members.

Does your city have any free fitness activities or even pop-up gyms?

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