Do Fitness Gadgets Actually Keep You In Shape?

“It’s kinda like wearing a string on your finger to remind you to not overeat,” fitness expert Jill Brown says of fitness gadgets. “I think they’re a good reminder to eat a little less and walk a little bit more and go to bed early,” Brown adds.

I love writing about the “quantified self” — how advanced pedometers and apps can help you get healthier by keeping track of your fitness and keeping it on the forefront of your mind. Your fitness data can be all in one or several gadgets.

At Mashable, I covered the Fitbit, BodyMedia, Wahoo and other devices. I found that using these devices isn’t a recipes for success unless you’re committed. However, most of us could use a reminder to walk more everyday — I know I can.  Or a chart to see our progress toward a fitness goal. Another aspect of some of these gadgets is that you can share your data with other users to add an element of competition.

The bottom line is you need to have motivation, organization and the ability to hold yourself accountable in order to get fit and stick with it. Take Foursquare for instance; it doesn’t make me go to restaurants or cafes more often just to check in. However, rewarding me with badges and points is a good way to keep track how often I check-in as well as add another element of entertainment to my daily activities.




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