New Fitbit Force Smartwatch Is An Upgrade From The Flex

Fitbit Force
On Thursday fitness gadget-maker Fitbit announced the Fitbit Force. This wristband is an updated and slightly better version of the Flex.

The Force is in fact a tier higher than Fitbit’s current watch, the Flex. What sets the Force apart from the Flex are a few additional features that seem to make the $30 difference between the Flex and the Force worth it. The Fitbit Force has a real-time OLED display that lets wearers see their fitness stats on their wrist. The Force contains an altimeter so you can see how far you’ve climbed. (It’s surprising that the Flex didn’t have this even though the small clip-on Fitbit One did.) The Force also has a physical button that lets wearers change settings quickly and easily. And unlike the Flex, the Force is actually a watch — you can view the time on the band.

The watch tracks time active, distance, steps, calories burned, stairs climbs and sleep duration. The data collected by the watch syncs wirelessly to your web-based profile and smartphone app so you can track your activity over time. Both watches are waterproof and track most of the same stats. Fitbit’s website notes that in the future the Force will have call notifications — like so many of the newest smartwatches we’ve read about lately.

The Force is available in black or slate (a blueish-gray) and retails for $129.95.

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