Blog Overhaul!

Hi everyone! Apologies for not updating this blog in awhile! I’ve been managing The Honest Company’s blog and immersed in other freelance blogging projects. I wrote the blog syndication plan for The Honest Company and in my research one better blogging tip I kept reading over and over is to be authentic and write about what you love. I’ve heard this before and it got me thinking about this blog. I love fit-tech but my interest in fitness, health and wellness goes far beyond just gadgets and apps. So, I’m re-launching YourFabLife as a healthy lifestyle blog. I’ll write about raw food, yoga, wellness, natural living and living eco-friendly — topics I read about in my free time. I’m harnessing my network of fit-tech founders, fitness enthusiasts, and the amazing and knowledgeable people I’ve met while working on this blog to bring you interesting and informative content! I really hope you continue to read the blog, sign-up for email updates, and stay tuned for what’s to come. Thank you!





Original image from Thomas Abbs (Tabsinthe) via Flickr 


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