The Amazing Benefits of Drinking Chlorophyll

I had my first taste of chlorophyll water at Pressed Juicery. It has a very mild greens flavor, it’s definitely not bad tasting but not delicious.

Research into the benefits of drinking chlorophyll in water continues to be ongoing, but from my personal experience, I can tell you this stuff makes my skin glow! It’s like getting an extra serving or three of greens. Chlorophyll acts as an internal deodorant so you’ll smell lovely even if you eat a lot of spicy and fragrant food.

Chlorophyll is what plants use to absorb energy from sunlight — it’s a vital part of the photosynthesis process. It’s found in green leafy vegetables and algae chlorophyll and is packed with vitamins A, C, E and K. It’s also alkalizing, which is what makes it a great hangover remedy since it helps to settle the stomach and ease headache.

I began buying my own chlorophyll to add to water at home. Typically, you add a tablespoon and drink this once or twice each day. I usually drink one tablespoon each day unless I’m detoxing, in which case I’ll have two. The pure chlorophyll is a dark green color and will stain clothes, so be careful when pouring it (I usually throw on an apron to avoid staining my clothing).

I’ve bought a couple different brands but right now I’m loving Nature’s Way. It has a mild mint flavor which makes it more drinkable and helps curb snacking. If you don’t eat enough veggies or drink green juice, you should definitely consider adding liquid chlorophyll to your diet. Even if you eat and drink tons of greens, liquid chlorophyll acts as a cleanser from the inside out.



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