Apps To Guide You Toward A Six-Pack

The coveted six-pack is not easily earned. Whether you want a six pack or a firm midsection, it will take hard work and consistency to develop strong abs. There are dozens of apps that specifically target your abdominal muscles. These apps use all types of workouts — yoga, Pilates, military-style drills — to chisel your waist. Sticking with these routines shouldn’t be too hard because most of them last about five to 10 minutes. Launch the app right after you wake-up and get the quick routine out of the way before your day starts.


Yoga Android app

Daily Yoga for Abs (Advanced): This Android app features a 10 minute routine by instructor Ren who specializes in Ashtanga, Flow Yoga and Power Yoga. He guides you through 24 moves that target the abs but also work the legs. The app has background music and voice-over narration but you can also use your own music in the background. The app is 99 cents in the Google Play store. There is a similar one in the Apple Store for $1.99 that features 16 yoga asanas in 10 minutes.



ab trainer app store
Ab Workout Express can give you a strong core by taking you through five minutes of ab moves everyday. You’ll progress through 120 different ab workouts and work up through three levels of difficulty. Once you complete each day’s workout, you can share your progress with friends on Facebook. Ab Workout Express is $1.99 in the Apple Store.



Ab trainer
Ab Trainer, by app developer Azumio (the company that made the popular Fitness Trainer app), is a highly-rated app for toning abs. The free app for iOS features numerous exercises using weights, resistance bands or your just your body weight. You chose from workouts based on titles like “Beach Ready” and “Spartan Abs”, or chose the workouts based on time (most appear to be around 10 minutes). When you’re finished with the exercises, the app also automatically logs your workout, saving you time. Considering the app offers so many great features, it’s a pleasant surprise that it’s also free.



Google play ab app
Ab Workout A6W has a very 90s sounding pitch — 6 pack abs in 6 weeks. Based on the more than 17,000 reviews, this app lives up to its claim. You have to perform the six exercises everyday without fail to see results. The app also gives you the option to change the order of the exercises, that way the workout feels less stale. This free version is supported by ads. If you don’t want to look at ads, consider downloading the Ab Workout A6W Pro for 99 cents available in Google Play.

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