5 Websites That Will Connect You With a Doctor

laptop and stethoscope Our health is one of the most important things we have so it’s important to take care of ourselves even when our schedules don’t make it easy. It can be difficult to slip away from your desk to schedule a personal doctor appointment, only to be put on hold while you occupy a conference room hoping no one will need it soon. Websites like the ones listed below make it easy for you to schedule appointments without leaving your desk. Some offer diagnostic tools, others will share your medical records with you and your doctor. Check out the list below to figure out which one is right for you:

Pearl.com: This is one of the first doctor-finding websites I’ve wrote about at Mashable. It’s a great site if you’re in need of urgent medical advice and don’t have health insurance. With Pearl.com you decide how much you want to pay by how soon the expert will get back to you. Prices start around $15, the average costs around $30.

ZocDoc: Known for their incredible customer service — the current COO used to bring flowers and chocolates to dissatisfied customers when the site first launched — Zocdoc will help you schedule doctor appointments online. The idea for the site was created when one of the founders needed medical care while he was on a trip to NYC. You can use this to easily schedule appointments in your own city from your desk at work or when you’re in need to quality medical care in a new town.

Patient Fusion: Find doctors, schedule appointments and share your health records through this site. The health records thing is huge since you don’t need to worry about transferring your records to various doctors if you switch so long as they have Patient Fusion. The platform also lets doctors share information with patients. The site is free for patients and doctors.

iTriageHealth: iTriage is a super straightforward and simple to use site. Check your symptoms (similar to WebMD) and then find a local physician or specialist to treat you. iTriage gives you options for treatment based on what symptoms you selected — it’ll show you your local ERs, urgent care or doctors’ offices. iTriage is also available on iPad, iPhone and Android. The service is free.

Healthgrades: This is a simple, no frills website to find a doctor. Compare local physicians by reading patient reviews. Search by specialty and procedure to find the right doc for you. You can also search by provider.

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