10 Ways To Get, Stay Motivated

Pushing through a tough workout is hard, sure, but the most difficult part of a maintaining a workout routine is staying motivated.

Best-selling fitness author Tom Venuto wrote a post on his blog titled, “Top 10 Ways for Regular People To Get Motivated.” For the post, Venuto gathered advice on how to get/stay motivated from several surveys he published. He narrowed them down to this list:

Track your progress, your food and your training in a journal.
Look at pictures of yourself.
Try on your skinny clothes.
Look at yourself in the mirror… without clothes.
Set a challenging goal.
Think about the feeling you’ll have at the end of your workout.
Remember who looks up to you as a role model.
Get involved with the right health and fitness community or group, in-person or online.
Enter a fitness or body transformation challenge.
Read or re-read Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle.

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